Art Hamptons 2022

Elepant Parade | Resort World Hilton | Las Vegas - Summer 2022

Sona Mirzaei's Elephant returns to Dana Point

Vegas2LA Luxury Magazine Summer Edition 2021

Art Scene West - West Coast Abstraction Show!

Emotions Embodied Abstractions From The West Coast

Pershing Sqaure Press Release VIVA LA Mural Exhibtion Feb. 2021

Downtown LA featuring VIVA LA 2021

Pershing Square Celebrating VIVA LA

VIVA LA Featuring Sona Mirzaei

Blue Bliss Winter Wonderland Exhibtion - Karyn Mannix Contemporary Gallery - New York, NY January 2021

LA Magazine - LA Woman Exhibition - Saatchi Art Gallery September 14th

Mixed Media LA Artist - Sona Mirzaei Colorful World
Miami Living Magazine July 2016
Palm Springs Art Magazine 2016 Spring Edition
Laguna Beach Art Magazine 2016 Spring Edition


Westside Today on the Beverly Hills Art Show featuring LA Artist Sona Mirzaei's Super Men
Beverly Hills Art Show and Sona's Superheroes!
Venice Beach featuring LA artist Sona Mirzaei this October for the VAC!
LA Buckwheat on Sona Fine Art at Venice Art Crawl
Venice Art Crawl and live painting by Sona Mirzaei!
Century City featuring home grown LA artist Sona Mirzaei's Midsummer Night Exhibition, Tuesday, August 25th!
LA Art Party featuring Sona Mirzaei in the SMAS Group Show this Saturday, June 11th at the Santa Monica Airport
LA Art Party on Sona and Beverly Hills Art Show Spring 2015
Beverly Hills Art Show May 2015
Spring Fever with Sona Mirzaei 2015
Equinox Partners up with Sona Mirzaei
Huffington Post on Sona Mirzaei
PYFC 6th Annual Arts for Hearts Charity featuring Sona's Heart at Jeanie Madsen Gallery
Fabrik Magazine on Rebecca Molayem Gallery new exhibition on January 24th
LA Splash Magazine on Sona's solo show on January, 24th
LA Art Party featuring Sona's new upcoming solo exhibit and more for 2015!
Westside People Magazine on Sona Mirzaei's upcoming Solo Exhibit 2015
Examiner featuring Sona Mirzaei's upcoming Solo Show at Rebecca Molayem Gallery


Art For Progress De'ja' Vu Group Exhibition featuring Sona's Mind Blown series in NYC on October 30th 2014
Sona Mirzaei's Fall Exhibitions for 2014 and more!
Italian themed art show featuring Sona's Roman collection
Sona Mirzaei to be featured in all roads lead to LA at Santa Monica art studios on April 5th 2014
Santa Monica Art Studios featuring Sona Mirzaei Roman painting series this spring 2014


Santa Monica News on Sona's holiday exhibition
LA Splash on Sona's latest work
Westside Today on Sona's latest inspirations via 2013
Examiner on Sona's last show for 2013 at Santa Monica Art Studios
Santa Monica Mirror on Sona Mirzaei's Botanical works
Elephant Parade USA: Dana Point Book 2013
LA Art Party on Sona's November 16th exhibitions
Modern Luxury Angeleno Magazine on Elephant Parade, October 2013
Los Angeles Magazine on Sona Mirzaei's elephant
TD Stock News on Art and Capital
Market Watch - Wall Street Journal on Elephant Parade USA
PR News Wire on Elephant Parade featuring Sona Mirzaei
Elephant Parade on the move
Herd of elephants on the streets of Los Angeles
Elephant Parade USA Auction, November 17th 2013
Artist Portfolio Magazine - LA vs NY artists segment, October 2013
Interview with ArtMoose TV on Mr. Liberty
Youth for Wildlife with Sona's elephants
Interview with KTLA News - Channel 5 with Gayle Anderson - Elephant Parade
Interview with KISS FM Radio, Dave Styles - Community Council 7/21/13
International exhibition Elephant Parade comes to America featuring LA artist, Sona Mirzaei
Elephant Parade Events
My Dana Point Elephant Parade Artists 2013
Elephant Parade America
LA Post on Sona's elephants
Elephant Parade features LA artist Sona
Artist Sona Mirzaei created two pachyderms for Elephant Parade, Dana Point, USA
Elephant herd on the march featuring Sona's elephant, Laguna Beach Independent
Saturday, July 13th, artist Sona Mirzaei will be featured in solo show at Seyhoun Gallery
Living out Loud LA on Sona's solo show
Seyhoun Gallery presents Sona Mirzaei's Solo Show on July 13th, 2013
LA Buckwheat covering Wallspace Gallery's Anniversary Show featuring Sona's Ten Commandments
Los Angeles Post on Art Opening's on Saturday night's featuring Sona at Wallspace
Hollywood Today on Sona's work at Wallspace Gallery
Wallspace Gallery Anniversary Exhibition Featuring Sona Mirzaei
American Chronicle on Sona Mirzaei's featuring at Wallspace gallery on Sat, April 27th
Art For Progress featuring Sona Mirzaei as their artist of the year for 2013


Culver City Times on Sona Mirzaei's latest works and show
Examiner on Sona Mirzaei's upcoming exhibition and latest collection
Hollywood Today on Branded Arts featuring artist Sona Mirzaei
Culver City Cross Roads on Sona Mirzaei featuring at Branded Arts, Saturday, November 10th
Culver City Patch on Sona Mirzaei showing at Branded Arts
LA Art Party on Sona Mirzaei Art
Santa Monica Mirror on Sona Mirzaei's Art Opening
Westside Today on Sona's work at Jeanie Madsen Gallery
News Blaze on Art For Progress Artists featuring Sona Mirzaei at the Fountain Art Fair NYC Armory 2012
Art For Progress - Armory - Fountain Art Fair 2012
Elephant Parade Singapore
Sotheby's Elephant Parade Auction in Singapore
Transcendental Tourist on Triumph of Unity at Elephant Parade
Westside Today on Artist Sona Mirzaei's upcoming show at Wallspace gallery
Bel-Air View on Contemporary Artist, Sona Mirzaei, Featured in the Grand Opening Exhibition of Wallspace LA on Saturday, March 3rd
Splash Magazine on Sona Mirzaei
LA Events on Sona Mirzaei set to show at the opening of Wallspace Gallery on Saturday, March 3rd
Hollywood Today on Sona Mirzaei, she will be a part of the opening group show at Wallspace LA
American Chronicle on Sona Mirzaei being featured at the grand opening of Wallspace Gallery


Guest of a Guest on Sona Mirzaei Solo Exhibition
Good News Buffet on December 10th 2011 Art Show
West Hollywood Independent on Sona Mirzaei
DJ X-Vertigo's Live Set and cover for December 10th Solo Show
Campus Circle review of Abstract Expressions Solo Exhibition
Art For Progress - Fountain Art Fair - Art Basel Miami 2011
American Chroncile on Sona Mirzaei's upcoming Solo Show on Dec.10th
West Hollywood Patch on Sona Mirzaei's Solo Show on Sat.December 10, 2011
Kathy Leonardo review on Sona Mirzaei's Solo Exhibition Abstract Expressions
American Chronicle on Artist, Sona Mirzaei, Featured in BRANDED ARTS Event November 5th!
Sona Mirzaei's artwork featured in the International Dictionary of Artists Vol. 1 - pg. 221 - Published by World Wide Art Books
Animal Cafe interview on Elephant Parade
OPED News on Sona Mirzaei's elephant Triumph of Unity for the Elephant Parade 2011
Pop up galleries steal this show at the Venice Art Crawl
American Chronicle on Sona Mirzaei at the Venice Art Crawl
Contemporary artist Sona Mirzaei, Set to show at Seyhoun Gallery on June25th
American Chronicle on Sona's latest work and upcoming exhibitions
Elephant Parade
Elephant Parade, Copenhagen, Denmark
Elephant Family
Asian Elephant Foundation
What is I Am My Art?
Campus Circle on Sona Mirzaei's return from Elephant Parade
Article by Kathy Leonardo on Elephant Parade
Elephant Journal
American Chronicle on Elephant Parade
Transmedia Artist Marketing on Elephant Parade

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