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Sona Mirzaei is a contemporary artist from Los Angeles, California. She is a self-taught artist, ambitious and talented, building a well-regarded art practice that has blossomed into a wonderful world of its own. Her sole mission is to follow interests in life and capture anything that evokes cognitive activity, emotion, creativity and inspiration for her audience and inevitably herself.

Sona's approach to art is culturally rich, bold, daring, while evoking a gentleness. She achieves great depth and contrast with use of aggressive motion in her brush work, creating paintings with dynamic layers and texture, manifesting dimensions, liveliness and joy. She is currently working in abstract expressionism, pop art, sculpture, street art, mixed media, conceptual, 3dimensional, and public art.

Her interests extend to public art as she believes that people should be able to experience art anywhere and place. This notion of working outdoors opened a great opportunity for her to have experienced a Sotheby's auction with her elephant Triumph of Unity in Singapore which was sponsored by Air France in 2012. The last several years have brought more awareness to Sona's career in the form of public art, exhibitions and these experiences have also allowed for her first museum exhibition at the Asian Civilization of Art Museum, following the Milton Museum in Massachusetts.

Sona has become a vibrant force in the International art community and has exhibited her works in London, Singapore, Copenhagen, Chicago, Las Vegas, Toronto, Paris, Miami, Hong Kong, New York City, Dubai, San Francisco, and numerous venues and galleries all over Southern California. She has a genuine artistic goal of continuing to evolve and create magic thorough the lens of the visual medium which she believes has the power to transform and transcend virtually any space.

In 2008, she had an auspicious debut on the international art scene after two pieces from her first official collection of work were chosen as finalists for the London International Creative Competition (LICC). Also, in 2015 she was just awarded as an LA Semifinalists for the Bombay Gin Sapphire Artisan Series for Scope Art Basel Miami 2015. Out of 2000 artists she was selected #11 and apart of prestigious group of talented artists! These accomplishments have allowed her art to have been showcased privately and publicly in hotels, multi-million homes, collected by high-profile patrons – executives and celebrities, featured on a variety of news media outlets, commercials, television shows, charity auctions and other venues.

Sona is certainly an artist of our times. As stated by Los Angeles based art critic, Peter Frank, “Sona Mirzaei paints like a cross between a house on fire and a bat out of hell. She seems almost literally to whip her abstract paintings into shape. The results of her furious brush-wielding are roiled surfaces and foreign materials brought to a sudden, almost revelatory visual coherency, exciting to witness.”
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